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Primary care project


I Primary health care institutions


Internet + intelligent chronic disease management solution


Product application: medical institutions, community service centers, township hospitals, village clinics, enterprise health management

As the leader of intelligent chronic disease management solutions, what kind of benefits can the primary medical + Internet solution provided by INBCA bring to primary medical and health institutions?


For managers:

1. Realize the authenticity and continuous dynamic management of electronic health records;

2. Real-time monitoring of data in medical and health institutions;

3. Realize quantifiable, efficient and fair performance appraisal;

4. Statistics of performance data in the jurisdiction;


For family doctors and general practitioners:

1. Rapid improvement of work efficiency;

2. Increase the contract rate and contract amount of family doctors;


II What is the INBCA Internet + Intelligent Chronic Disease Management Solution?


We will help community-level medical institutions build Internet + intelligent chronic disease management centers at the lowest cost, and provide efficient tools for community-level medical and health institutions:

1. Help to efficiently realize national basic public health services: multi-ipad file system, file according to national standards, quickly improve file efficiency and alleviate the problem of heavy file workload; Through the comprehensive information management system, information management of registration, filing, detection and printing can be realized, and real-time interconnection with the public health platform can be realized to avoid repeated filing and improve the pass rate and accuracy of filing. The follow-up system carries and records the follow-up records at any time through the follow-up package and IPAD follow-up form, which is convenient and efficient.

2. Health management service: self-service check-up method saves manpower cost, testing data upload slow disease cloud management platform. Through regular and irregular return visits by doctors, the electronic health records can be changed from dead files to dynamic management files. Residents can check health detection reports at any time, obtain health assessment, diet, exercise and other health guidance, so as to change health management from passive to active.

3. Chronic disease management cloud platform: it realizes the real use of primary medical care through the client end, doctor end, institution end and leader end, and fully mobilizes high-quality medical resources of all parties to realize telemedicine appointment registration two-way referral and other services.

4. Health education: Through testing equipment and publicity boards, websites, official accounts, APPs and other Internet means, online and offline health education can be realized, and the popularization rate of residents' health knowledge can be improved.

5. Personalized customization: product functions can be further expanded and personalized customized according to needs. Detection parameters can increase bone density, lung function  and personal wearable products.