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Weight Scale



  1. Measurement items: height, weight, BMI
  2. The body can be folded and retracted;
  3. Support wireless display and remote screen remote control function
  4. Can be powered by 5V 5V power bank


Military physical examination, Hospital physical examination center, Physical examination vehicle, Blood collection vehicle, Social health service station, Health management institution, etc.;


  1. The body is retractable and foldable, with super small which is convenient to carry and use when going out for physical examination;
  2. The screen and the body can be used separately, with ultra-long-distance wireless display transmission, wireless display up to 100 meters at outdoor ;
  3. A variety of measurement modes, supporting manual measurement mode, automatic measurement mode, and screen remote control measurement mode;
  4. Support dual language and voice settings, easily adjust the device display language through system settings;
  5. Voice and prompt diagram guide operation .
  6. Support serial port and 2.4GHz transmiss data , wireless receiving sensitivity -95dBm;
  7. Support automatic wireless matching connection function, automatic search and match equipment ; Support adjustable frequency band setting, different machines can be displayed separately;
  8. High-precision body measurement of height (±0.5cm) and weight measurement (±0.1Kg), with high repeat consistency;
  9. It can expand one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code scanning login, and can expand thermal printer, supporting 58mm paper width;

Technical parameter



Display screen

8-inch high resolution color LCD touch screen

Height measurement

Ultrasonic probe

Height measurement range

Parallel beam type weighing sensor

Height measurement range


Weight measurement range


Height accuracy


Weight accuracy


Wire display distance

Adopt 2.4G wireless transmission ,wireless display can reach within a radius of 100 meters (under open area without interference)

Measurement speed

Average 10 seconds/time