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Professional fitness coaching and management solutions

Applicable: fitness centers, fitness clubs, sports and gyms, etc.

Application products: IN-F500, IN-F300, IN-F100, IN-I5

Professional body composition testing helps gym members better understand various body parameters of their own bodies, and also provides intuitive data and body proportion models for fitness coaches to achieve better service and fitness goal formulation

Support member login mode (multiple identification methods: IC card and face recognition), support visitor payment login mode, widen the threshold of use, and also expand the membership channel entrance, comprehensively increase the rate of visitor card application, membership renewal rate, personal education contract signing rate.

Provide accurate data for coaches, automatically generate member fitness curves, facilitate coaches to rationally formulate fitness plans and meal plans for members, and formulate exercise and nutrition recipe for members

Detailed historical curves and statistical charts, whole-body muscle atlas.

Automatically generate fitness leaderboards to motivate members


Beauty and Slimming Industry Solutions

Application: beauty salon, slimming center, fitness center and other places

Application products: IN-F500, IN-F300, IN-F100, IN-I5


Body fat analyzer designed for beauty and body institutions, testing 9 major indicators of the human body: fat, moisture, protein, bone mass, waist-to-hip ratio, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat index, body mass index, body age and more than 50 groups of human parameters Indicator data.

5 benefits for beauty and slimming centers.

Let first-time customers know their physical age, body type and health score, predict possible problems in the future for customer's body, and then increase of the urgency for customers to lose weight.

According to the physical condition of the customer, specify customize a practical and feasible weight loss program for the customer.

Monitor the customer's weight loss process and adjust the weight loss program appropriately.

According to the comparison of data before and after weight loss, scientifically prove the weight loss effect of customers.

Reasonably recommend in-store weight loss products to customers.


Sports and nutrition industry solutions

Applicable: private doctors, outpatient clinics, fitness brand management shops, nutrition food business management shops, sports coaching studios, nutritionist studios, etc.

Application products: IN-F500, IN-F300, IN-F100, IN-I5, IN-I3

Establish member health data files, establish member and customer body shape data models, collect and analyze customer body-product relationships, and provide data reference for improving product stickiness, service level and service quality

Display corporate / individual brand image and concept, build member life experience center

Target customer groups and categories to more accurately adjust services and products to meet more sophisticated customer needs

Medical industry solutions

Application: Medical examination center, nutrition department, endocrinology, nephrology department, rehabilitation center, cadre ward, community health service center, health cabin and other medical related places

Application products: IN-F500, IN-F300, IN-F100, IN-I5, IN-I3, IN-H6, IN-K1

1. Provide professional body composition analyzer and overall solution for obesity analysis;
2. Provide integrated products and system software solutions for integrated health cabin systems;
3. Provide professional height and weight testing product solutions for children's height and weight;

A comprehensive type of integrated system, including a variety of medical examination equipment and unified information processing software, can provide customers with more than ten kinds of routine medical examinations, and can collect data from various testing instruments together for unified processing and reporting to the cloud platform , widely used for chain of physical examination institutions, physical examination centers, health management institutions, health cabin equipment integration.

The main functions of the system are:

  • Provide medical examination services.
  • Personnel information management.
  • Medical examination data collection.
  • Image Acquisition.
  • Data storage (database).
  • Inspection record checking
  • Generate a graph.
  • Display and print test reports.
  • upload data

Smart pharmacy solutions

Application: pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise, pharmaceutical sales enterprise

Application products: IN-I5, IN-I3, IN-K1


For pharmacies:

  1. Increasing customer service value.
  2. Improving Member Stickiness and Member Loyalty.
  3. Increase membership conversion rate, Collect member feedback, collect member health conditions, and provide more effective and higher-value services for them.


For businesses:

  1. Improve brand awareness and product awareness.
  2. Improve the effectiveness of product advertising communications, improve product user education rate.
  3. Improve product/company advertising understanding.
  4. Collect user-product preferences and product feedback.
  5. Provide accurate data testing and upload for CRM and user personal health center.
  6. Improve the sub-channel sales and market expansion.
  7. Provide data and application scenarios for more efficient marketing solutions.

Enterprise(insurance) and public health management solutions

Applicable: health management companies, insurance companies, medium and large enterprises, Internet companies, banks and telecommunications companies that provide external services, etc.

Application products: IN-I5, IN-I3

  • What is corporate health management
  • Enterprise-based health management
  • Personal Services + Corporate Services
  • Focus on solving the health problems of employees (prevention of chronic diseases)
  • Relying on companies as promoters of implementation
  • The role of health management in business
  • It’s an employee benefit
  • Reduce corporate medical expenses, improve work efficiency
  • Enhancing corporate cohesion and raising humane care
  • Physical examination room
  • A small fitness test facility set up inside the unit, which is convenient for employees to access anytime, anywhere
  • Physical fitness test. Configure various test equipment as needed
  • Fitness test
  • Body composition test
  • Blood pressure test
  • ECG test
  • Blood glucose test
  • Fitness instruction software
  • Health data collecting and analyzer
Through the health test, the data is connected to the enterprise platform and processing system, which can provide on-site analysis of test results and targeted guidance suggestions, general health assessment, exercise prescriptions, nutrition recommendations, recommended sports items, recommended recipes, and exercise plan formulation.