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Ten years to sharpen one blade, cold wind out of the scabbard - health care Kiosk management leading brand

Under the impact of the coVID-19 pandemic, based on the market and more than 10 years of experience, we are working with the industry's topest engineers to launch a new model  of in-I5 in the blockbuster market. It integrates information integration equipment for a variety of testing items, including routine physical examinations required by COVID-19, such as body temperature, blood oxygen, and routine physical examination items such as:

Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, for hospitals, clinics, and community public screening, provides a great convenience and timeliness, escort for the national basic public health project and the data acquisition, provides a reliable data basis, for physical health test of ordinary residents offer escort, do disease-free early prevention, early treatment unhealthily, is now facing the global promotion, recruit regional agents, distributors, welcome the masses of customers to join in INBCA.

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