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Intelligent old-age care project


The advantages and pain points of the intelligent chronic disease management system of INBCA in the new pension mode


a. Provide health testing for the elderly in hospital: test nearly 20 physiological indicators through E1 intelligent health all-in-one machine to understand the current physical state of the elderly, so that the nursing home can plan the diet and exercise for the elderly in advance.


b. Risk analysis of chronic diseases and potential diseases: pension institutions understand the analysis of certain diseases of the elderly, which can effectively prevent and treat the disease.


c. Continuous monitoring (once a week), through the data analysis chart of nearly 20 indicators, can further understand the physical health trend, so that professional pension institutions can carry out health intervention in advance, the indicators tend to be normal.


d. According to the test results, the system provides dietary advice and exercise advice for the elderly.


e. For pension institutions: the establishment, updating and collection of health records of all the elderly in the institutions to understand the number of chronic patients (hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, etc.) and the proportion of various patients are conducive to the management and personnel allocation of the institutions, prevention in advance, and risk reduction.


f. Brand building of nursing home, reputation improvement: the use of chronic disease management system solutions, improve the service level and ability of nursing home, to provide more intimate services to the elderly, more and more elderly people choose this institution, forming a virtuous cycle, become the best choice for the elderly.


g. The system has health propaganda and education function :E1 Intelligent health all-in-one machine is equipped with health propaganda and education screen, which can play health education video in real time.