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1. Intelligent internetworking and data sharing    

Through the Internet/4G network/ 5Gnetwork/Bluetooth/NFC, InBCA collects and archives the data 

of various medical examination devices. InBCA devices can be connected to hospitals' HIS, and relevant device data can be shared to remote experts for reference based on permission settings.


2. Modular combination& standard

InBCA 's medical devices can be selected and used based on demands. InBCA ' medical examination devices can be customized based on market requirements. There is no compatibility risk because InBCA complies with universal interface standards.

3. Efficient examination

InBCA employees are committed to developing reliable, efficient, and convenient self-service medical examination devices, which save time for examinees and medical personne.

4. Big Data statistics and analysis

InBCA's intelligent medical cloud platform has the function of regional Big Data statistics and analysis.

5. Extensible system

InBCA's intelligent medical cloud platform can be upgraded and extended based on market requirements for future extension and comprehensive applications