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Multifunctional body fat analyser

INBCA multi-functional body fat anlyser,  with accurate measurement,  strong stability,  rapid measurement of multiple test items,  can meet the hospital  physical examination items,  easy to connect with the hospital software system,  and supports RS232 to transfer data.


  • INBCA body fat analyser test conventitly at anytime, anywhere Monitor your physical changes with a concise and clear result Light weight,  small size,  easy to move
  • Friendly user interface design
  • Intelligent voice guidance
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Diversified test values-correctly grasp the patient's physical condition to help doctors diagnose
  • Body water test items-accurately grasp the body water state


Analysis items

Body weight,  height,  BMI,  body fat,  body water content,  lean body mass, body fat percentage,  visceral fat (grade),  basal metabolic.

Multifunctional body fat analyser