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ai temperature measurement

Face recognition system with infrared thermometer



1. Use infrared thermal imaging to detect body temperature, body temperature alarm, mask recognition, stranger/visitor recognition, face recognition, personnel identity information procurement, attendance and visitor registration;
2. It can be connected to the access control system and electronic gates;


Information collection, identification, body temperature detection, reception desk and other reception industries, suitable for public health and epidemic prevention systems, health and quarantine, community health centers, hospitals, shopping malls, service industries, etc. Location, which can be used for company attendance, location attendance and member identification, etc.


1. 7-inch display with 1024 x 600 resolution;

2. 2 million wide-angle binocular camera, supporting live detection function: it can identify whether the collected face is a real person;

3. Face verification speed: ≤400ms / person, verification accuracy:> 99%, recognition distance: 0.3--2m;

4. 16GB internal storage capacity, the device supports up to 30,000 whitelisted face photos, 10,000 blacklisted face photos, and 150,000 comparison events;

5. Support Wi-Fi communication and Bluetooth 4.0;

6. Heiman (HEIMANN) 32x32D display temperature sensor;

7. Body temperature measurement range: 35--42 ℃, measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5

Size Information

Size Information