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Intelligent Health Examination Kiosk

Interactive health check kiosks provide non-evasive testing for weight, body mass index, body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate.
Each individual would be able to view their results on the kiosk, showing them how their results compare with national guidelines. They also receive a printout of their results.


  • High speed, 1-minute measurement full body.
  • Integrated design, natural sitting posture measurement, adjustable seat height, adopt tunnel-type blood pressure measurement
  • Height precision, using the most advanced measurement equipment, Ensure measurement accuracy
  • Intelligent, support ID/barcode login, full voice guidance Data connection, data can be connected to information platforms such as HIS
  • Strong scalability, can be customized according to customer requirements
IN-E1 Intelligent health examination Kiosk

Technical parameter



Body height measurement

(Optional function )

Measurement methods

Non-contact ultrasonic probe measure body height

Measurement result

Display on the main screen

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Body weight measurement

Measurement mode

Automatic induction measurement

Measurement result

Display on the main screen

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Weight accuracy level

III level

Body temperature measurement

Operating environment temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Body temperature measurement mode


Environmental temperature measurement mode




Power consumption


Measuring distance

5 to 8 cm

Automatic shut-down

About 15 seconds

Body fat measurement

Measurement items

Body fat percentage, body fat mass, muscle mass, body water percentage, body water content, visceral fat grade, lean body weight, ideal body weight, inorganic salt, protein, basal metabolic rate and other parameters

Measurement method

Multi-frequency four-electrode/whole body impedance measurement method

Impedance measurement frequency

50K Hz 、 250K Hz

Human body impedance output

Support printing human body impedance value

Blood pressure measurement

Measuring range

Pressure (0~270)mmHg [(0~36)kpa] Pulse rate 40 times/minute~180 times/minute

Measurement accuracy

Pressure:  within ±3mmHg (±0.4kpa)

Pulse rate:  within ±5%

Storage capacity

Can store 50 groups of measurement data for 2 users

Blood pressure cuff size


Blood oxygen measurement


Dual wavelength light emitting diode


Red light: 663nm Infrared light: 890nm

Measuring range


Maximum average optical output power


Measurement error

In the range of 70%~100%, the measurement accuracy is ±2% (% is the percentage of pulse oxygen saturation)


In the range of 70%-100% <2%

Pulse rate measurement error

30~250bpm The monitoring error is ±2bpm or ±%2, whichever is the largest

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

15%~95% (non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure



10/100M adaptive Ethernet RJ45 network port

Support 2.4GWIFI, support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n


ID card can be selected according to user needs: second-generation resident ID card recognition, face recognition (non-3D face recognition), barcode, RFID and other identification methods

Printing method

The device has a built-in 57mm thermal microprinter (need to be customized) to print basic data, and can be directly connected to a designated A4 printer to print the medical report.

Data upload method

Can connect to HIS system or network platform via RJ45 or WIFI, upload data to designated server

Input power

AC 100~240V 50~60HZ

Rated power


Electric shock protection

Class I Type B equipment

Using environment temperature and humidity

+5℃~+40℃  15%RH~85%RH

Storage environment temperature and humidity

-20℃~+60℃  10%RH~95RH