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Medical industry solutions


Medical examination center, nutrition department, endocrinology, nephrology department, rehabilitation center, cadre ward, community health service center, health cabin and other medical related places


Application products:

IN-F500, IN-F300, IN-F100, IN-I5, IN-I3, IN-H6, IN-K1

  1. Provide professional body composition analyzer and overall solution for obesity analysis;
  2. Provide integrated products and system software solutions for integrated health cabin systems;
  3. Provide professional height and weight testing product solutions for children's height and weight;



A comprehensive type of integrated system, including a variety of medical examination equipment and unified information processing software, can provide customers with more than ten kinds of routine medical examinations, and can collect data from various testing instruments together for unified processing and reporting to the cloud platform , widely used for chain of physical examination institutions, physical examination centers, health management institutions, health cabin equipment integration.


The main functions of the system are:

  • Provide medical examination services.
  • Personnel information management.
  • Medical examination data collection.
  • Image Acquisition.
  • Data storage (database).
  • Inspection record checking
  • Generate a graph.
  • Display and print test reports.
  • pload data

Smart Pharmacy Solutions


pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise, pharmaceutical sales enterprise

Application products: IN-I5, IN-I3, IN-K1


For pharmacies:

  1. Increasing the customer service value
  2. Improving Member Stickiness and Member Loyalty
  3. Increase membership conversion rate ,Collect member feedback, collect member health conditions, and provide more effective and higher value services for them


For businesses:

  1. Improve brand awareness and product awareness
  2. Improve the effectiveness of product advertising communications, improve product user education rate
  3. improve product / company advertising understanding
  4. Collect user product preferences and product feedback
  5. Provide accurate data testing and upload for CRM and user personal health center
  6. Improve the sub-channel sales and market expansion
  7. Provide data and application scenarios for more efficient marketing solutions