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Human body composition analyzer


1. Definition and principle

Human body composition analyzer is an instrument that uses a variety of scientific methods (such as multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis) to measure various components of the human body. It is mainly used to evaluate the muscle mass, body fluid index, body fat content, etc. of the human body, and provide a scientific basis for weight control, fat loss, muscle training, nutritional balance and disease diagnosis.

2. Main principle

Multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis (BIA): Through a weak constant alternating current, the impedance of each part of the human body after the hands and feet are connected to the electrodes is measured. Since fat in the human body is a non-conductor, and muscle has a high water content and is an easy conductor, the human body composition can be inferred based on the different impedance values.

3. Main test indicators

The human body composition analyzer can measure a variety of indicators, including but not limited to:
Body fat content
Body fat percentage
Lean body weight
Muscle content
Total body water
Extracellular fluid
Intracellular fluid
Inorganic salts
Body mass index (BMI)
Basal metabolic rate
Total energy consumption
Body shape analysis
Nutritional assessment
Body age, etc.

4. Application areas

Human body composition analyzers are widely used in many fields, including:

Health assessment and nutritional guidance: In the fields of nutrition and physical examination centers, personalized diet and exercise advice is provided to the examinees to help them achieve healthy weight management and nutritional balance.
Sports training and rehabilitation medicine: Monitor changes in data such as skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass of athletes and rehabilitation patients to evaluate exercise effects and rehabilitation progress.
Disease research and prevention: Evaluate abnormalities such as body fat distribution to prevent diseases related to abnormal body fat, such as diabetes and thyroid problems. At the same time, it can also be used for scientific research and medical experiments to explore the relationship between abnormal changes in human body composition and the occurrence of diseases.

V. Operation and precautions

Preparation before operation: Check the power supply of the equipment, clean the surface of the equipment, prepare the tester's information, etc.
Test process: The tester needs to wear light clothing, stand according to the prompts of the equipment, enter information, hold the handle, etc. The measurement time is about two minutes.
Precautions: Make sure the equipment is in a dry and ventilated environment; avoid collision or falling of the equipment; regularly clean and disinfect the electrode part; regularly check whether the power cord and plug are intact.

VI. Market situation

There are many brands and models of human composition analyzers available in the market, with prices ranging from thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Consumers can choose suitable products according to their needs and budget.

In summary, the human composition analyzer is an important medical and health management tool. By accurately measuring the proportion of human body composition, it provides a scientific basis for health assessment, nutrition guidance, sports training, rehabilitation medicine, and disease research and prevention.