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How to achieve medical insurance control through our INBCA medical equipment?

1. How to achieve medical insurance cost control through our INBCA medical equipment and reduce national financial expenditure? This is what China has been doing for nearly 10 years, and I hope it will be helpful to other countries
- Through the intelligent detection of the INBCA all-in-one machine, you can have a basic understanding of human physical conditions.
There's a basic test for your height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen, cholesterol, uric acid, ECG,
- Through the INBCA all-in-one machine, you can detect your physical condition for a long time, make basic judgments about your future physical condition, and better understand and improve your physical condition
- Through the long time body checking  for the elderly over 65 years old will help the country understand the situation of the elderly people. For the coming of an aging society, Through long-term and effective chronic disease management,it will effectively to help our country increase or reduce the drugs stored and avoid any waste and also helps a lot for stroke and hypertension, This  effective control will be conducted to reduce risks and save social security expenses, thus safeguarding a healthy China

This is what a good thing for the country and the people and WIN-Win !

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